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Hi! Hello! Welcome to my blog. Or if you are a returning customer, welcome back (the last time I had one of these it was 2014, I was at Uni and my worldview was about the size of a walnut. So that should be approx. three of you, and my mum).

I broke up with my first blog while still a B.Ed. student, after an older teacher put the fear of God into me about my future students finding it: “THEY WILL PRINT IT OUT, ALL OF IT, AND THEY WILL GIVE IT TO THE PRINCIPAL AND YOU WILL BE FIRED.” This prompted me to furiously purge all of my writing from the inter-webs, and lock the rest of my online presence down like Lindsay Lohan.

Then I entered the workforce, got very busy and barely had time to write anything that wasn’t a lesson plan anyway, for a while. JK, I never write lesson plans; I spend ages making detailed resources/activities only to go wildly off-script on the day.

Then I started writing a novel and I really had zero free time because my book-world wantonly consumed my brain for most of the day. Just ask my friends and family. Or the guys who were doing road works near my school in 2018 that I nearly side-swiped those times because I was too busy listening to Fall Out Boy and mentally plotting my characters’ school formal. (Sorry guys) (I don’t know why my husband thinks I’m a bad driver)

However; now that I’m a Real Writer (sort of), its 2020 and normal life has skidded to a decidedly sharp halt, the easy romance of blogging calls to me once more.

I love the extra insight I get from reading the blogs of writers or people I admire. Watching their literary-themed YouTube videos. These are out of the question for me because as soon as a camera is trained on my face I turn into a mute Peter Dutton-looking thing, making sound only to let out the occasional maniacal awkward laugh. And so: blogging.

This is partially to document my journey to publication, partly to assuage my boredom, partly to stick it to that guy who scared my poor wee student-teacher self (he was probably right to, though; maybe some of those beautiful little buggers would’ve printed it out).

Here goes. Stay tuned.

R x